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Special powder for cubic boron nitride ceramics

Cubic boron nitride powder is the product of cubic boron nitride single crystal after crushing, shaping, purification and selection. Its two core indicators are: 1. Particle size distribution; 2. Shape. The particle size distribution is ensured by controlling the settling time and the temperature and humidity of the production environment, and the shape is ensured by controlling the shaping time. Therefore, it can be concluded that CBN powder production technology threshold is low, but it needs the responsible staff to operate carefully.

The main application fields of CBN powder are: 1) grinding and polishing; 2) grinding; 3) CBN ceramics. Different application fields have different technical requirements for CBN powder. Grinding, polishing and grinding fields need to obtain high surface quality, so the particle size distribution of CBN powder is very strict. Cubic boron nitride (CBN) ceramics are sintered together at a certain temperature and pressure through a binder, so the requirement of particle size distribution is relatively low.

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