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  • Network sales

    Release time: 2021.11.11
  • Sales Supervisor

    Release time: 2021.11.11
  • Equipment repairman

    Release time: 2021.11.11
  • Six sided press synthesizer

    Release time: 2021.11.11
  • Sales Representative

    Release time: 2021.11.11

    Job requirements:

    1. Major in management, marketing and economics, college degree or above.

    2. More than one year sales experience.

    3. Be familiar with the operation of product sales channels and marketing methods

    4. Strong expression skills and communication and coordination skills.

    5. Have the spirit of hard work and love the sales profession.

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Be responsible for market development, customer maintenance and sales management in the designated area Wait.

    2. Be responsible for product publicity, promotion and sales in the region, and complete sales Sales task indicators.

    3. Make your own sales plan, visit customers and develop according to the plan

    New customers.

    4. Assist sales supervisor to formulate sales strategy, sales plan and sales volume

    Standardized sales objectives.

    5. Do a good job in the signing, performance and management of sales contracts,

    And coordinate and deal with various market problems. 6. Receive visiting customers and comprehensively coordinate daily sales affairs. Note: the company belongs to the superhard material industry. The products sold are consumables. The customer groups are of the nature of the company. The developed customers are stable and order products every month. Due to business development needs, the company specially recruits long-term business personnel, with large promotion space, limited recruitment and rare opportunities.

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