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What are the applications of cubic boron nitride (CBN) single crystal materials

Cubic boron nitride (CBN) single crystal has high hardness and thermal stability, stable structure and good chemical stability, as well as good thermal conductivity and bending strength, so it can be widely used.

1. Used as abrasive material. Cubic boron nitride with small particles is mainly used as abrasive material. CBN abrasives are made of single crystal or micro powder with the help of bond. They are not only competent for the processing of hard to grind materials, but also can effectively improve the grinding quality of the workpiece, significantly improve the surface integrity of the workpiece after grinding, and improve the fatigue strength and service life of the parts.

2. Used as tool material. CBN tool made of cubic boron nitride single crystal is especially suitable for high-speed turning of difficult to machine materials with high hardness, especially effective for machining ferritic metals and alloys. Compared with other cutting tools, the service life of CBN cutting tools can be prolonged by more than 10 times. Especially in the processing of automobile industry, CBN tools have unique advantages in cutting hard cast iron materials such as engines.

3. Used as functional material. With the rapid development of microelectronic technology, the requirements for the assembly density and integration of components are becoming higher and higher. Cubic boron nitride single crystal with high thermal conductivity can be used as filler to prepare composite materials for packaging materials to meet the heat dissipation requirements of high-frequency heating components.

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