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CBN abrasive

One of the important properties of abrasives is its hardness, which must be harder than the material to be processed. The hardness of various abrasives is measured by Mohr hardness tester. Another important property of abrasives is toughness. This property can be controlled by changing the mixing amount, purity, particle size and crystal structure of raw materials, so as to be suitable for various applications. In the manufacture of abrasive products, most of the raw materials need to be crushed and screened, and the screening particle size should be 4-900, that is, the diameter is about 6 mm to 6 μ m or finer. The grinding wheel is the main abrasive product, which is made by mixing the abrasive and binder in a certain proportion, forming by die pressing and sintering. After that, the grinding wheel must be reshaped, balanced and overspeed tested.

The appearance of CBN Abrasives leads to the revolution of grinding technology. It is transformed from hexagonal boron nitride under the condition of high temperature and ultra-high pressure. It can withstand the high temperature of 1300 ℃ ~ 1400 ℃. It has high chemical inertia to iron group elements, good thermal conductivity, high cutting rate, large grinding ratio and long service life of grinding tools. It is high in grinding hardened steel, high-speed steel, high-strength steel, stainless steel and heat-resistant alloy Good abrasives for metals with high hardness and toughness.

Abrasives are widely used in industry, especially when machining parts with high precision or low roughness or especially hard parts, abrasives and abrasives are essential. In the automobile manufacturing industry, the close cooperation between piston ring and cylinder, valve and valve seat, and the accuracy of transmission and gear must be processed with abrasive and abrasive tools to ensure.

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