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    Electroless nickel plating

    Detailed introduction :

    electroless plating and weight increasing nickel plating on Abrasives greatly enhance the holding force and heat dissipation capacity between particles and improve the surface finish of workpieces.

    Product features :

    40 mesh-400 mesh

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    Tailor made
    Tailor made
    Hengda superhard materials according to your basic needs, from the process, products and budget, to provide efficient and flexible integrated solutions.
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    Appointment visit
    The well-designed inspection tour of Hengda superhard materials can help you better understand the manufacturing, manufacturing and intelligent management system to meet your needs.
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    Butler service
    Hengda superhard materials from pre-sale business support, project service in sale to after-sales service, has always been customer demand-oriented, creating a new value chain service.
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    • Electroless nickel plating
    • Electroless nickel plating
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    Electroless nickel plating
    Available particle size:
    40 mesh-400 mesh
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    Hengda has always been based on the needs of customers. In addition to providing quality products full of ingenuity, relying on the professional scheme design ability and more than ten years of industry intensive cultivation.
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